• Question: How much money do you make in your area?

    Asked by Maya to Stephen, Sita, Rory, Hannah, Brian, Alison on 6 Mar 2019.
    • Photo: Brian OConnor

      Brian OConnor answered on 6 Mar 2019:

      Cannot say exactly but is enough!

    • Photo: Sita Karki

      Sita Karki answered on 6 Mar 2019:

      I am money enough to support two other person 🙂 even though I am by myself now. It if fairly good amount of money in research.

    • Photo: Alison Dufresne

      Alison Dufresne answered on 6 Mar 2019:

      I make a lot of money, but I live in Silicon Valley California, which is one of the most expensive places to live, so it all balances out. I make more than I need and I’m saving so I can move home to Ireland someday. Engineers in general make very good money and in the US they make twice as much as their EU counterparts.

    • Photo: Hannah Currivan

      Hannah Currivan answered on 6 Mar 2019:

      I am a student and earn no money from that. 🙂 But I do work as a student ambassodor and science leader at University College Dublin and get paid good money. 🙂 Whenever I get work from InnaLabs, I would be paid by the hour which is also good money. 🙂
      But I do want to work in the area of space systems and spacecraft operations which gives a very good salary. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Photo: Stephen O'Connor

      Stephen O'Connor answered on 6 Mar 2019:

      Enough to live a good life 😀

    • Photo: Rory Scarrott

      Rory Scarrott answered on 7 Mar 2019:

      I’m a student, so I earn just enough to live by. They also give me a little extra money when I do teaching and demonstrating in the University, which is handy 🙂